Experience Matters.

If you are a victim of a natural disaster don’t wait to get help. Our attorneys will handle the insurance company for you.

Reputation Matters

When disaster strikes, leaving your home or business damaged, dealing with the insurance company can become the storm after the storm. Insurance policies are complex contracts with exclusions and deadlines that cannot be missed. Don’t wait and see. Don’t trust your adjuster to do the right thing.

A Trusted Partner

Our attorneys will serve as your trusted partner every step of the way.  We have committed our practice to helping natural disaster victims across the country and will fight for the money you need to rebuild.

Results Oriented

We’ve helped policy holders collect over $950 million in settlements for their disaster claims. When we get results, we get results that matter.

Experienced Property Damage Lawyers

Property damage can turn your life upside down. Our experienced property damage lawyers are ready to help you rebuild. Our job is to get you as much as possible from your claim and let you focus on what’s most important: Rebuilding.

We Get Great Results For Our Clients

Results vary and depend on the facts of each case.


Hurricane disaster and storm surge litigation recovery.


Hurricane rain and wind pre-litigation settlements


Hurricane rain and wind claim litigation recovery.


Pre-suit settlement for hurricane damage to a marina. The prior settlement offer was $1,200,000.


Additional recovery for a hurricane-damaged hospital.


Recovery for hurricane damage to a shopping center. The prior settlement offer was $445,000.


Pre-suit settlement for damage to multi-owner residential property.


Business interruption pre-suit settlement for Hurricane losses. Prior offer was $350,000.

We Have Collected Over $950 Million for Policyholders

Our team has a history of collecting full and fair settlements for home and business owners alike. With our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, our trusted reputation, and our proven track record of success, we’re prepared to help you collect the compensation you’re owed. Our legal practice is dedicated to making sure you get the most out of your insurance claims from the very beginning.

Don’t Trust Your Adjuster to Do the Right Thing

Insurance adjusters will claim they’re doing the best they can. Unfortunately, they don’t work for you. They work for the insurance company. Their job is to pay you the least amount they can and move on. Our property damage lawyers and experts will create a detailed damage assessment for your property and its contents that accounts for your real, accurate damages. We analyze the law and your policy provisions, assess any business income losses and extra expenses, and get you access to any extended or hidden coverages that you may have available. If the insurance company doesn’t want to offer you a fair settlement, we’ll negotiate with them to seek every penny you are owed for your damages.

If Your Home or Business Has Been Damaged

Take these steps to make sure your claim is handled the right way:



Take pictures and videos of your property showing all the damage from top to bottom.



There are exclusions and penalties in your policy, so make sure you're aware of how much less you could get compared with what you need.



There are penalties for being underinsured, so make sure you're aware of how much less you could get compared with what you need.



Public insurance adjusters will often hand off claims to lawyers anyway. Call a lawyer first to avoid duplicate fees.