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Storm Damage Insurance Claims

A natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado can cause irreversible damage. We’ll deal with the insurance companies so you can get what you need to rebuild.

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In the aftermath of a natural disaster, the process of recovering and rebuilding can be overwhelming, and dealing with insurance claims can be an added burden. As your Disaster Insurance Claims team, we’ll work with you to ensure you get the settlement you’re owed after your home sustains storm damage from a destructive event like a hurricane or tornado. 

Insurance companies will always withhold as much as they can get away with, but our team of storm damage insurance claims attorneys will fight them for every penny you deserve on your behalf. Our experienced legal team will work tirelessly to help you through the storm damage insurance claim process, ensuring that your insurance company honors your policy and provides you with the maximum settlement possible. With us on your side, you can concentrate on rebuilding what was lost.

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Storm damage from a tornado or hurricane is serious, and we know how devastating it can be. We’ll concentrate all efforts on getting you the settlement you’re owed.

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Our attorneys have collected hundreds of millions of dollars in settlements from insurance companies for our clients and we’re ready to help you, too.

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Storm Damage Can Be Catastrophic

Experiencing the wrath of a hurricane or tornado can be a catastrophic event that leaves a lasting impact on your life. The devastation of losing your home or property due to a natural disaster is truly an unimaginable experience. It can be overwhelming and challenging to know where to start in the aftermath of such destruction. But know that you don’t have to face this alone. The Disaster Insurance Claims attorneys are here to help you through this difficult time.

We understand the immense toll that a storm can take on your life and the lives of your loved ones. Whether you had to evacuate or not, the impact of losing your property in a natural disaster or sustaining serious property damage is something that cannot be adequately prepared for. Our team of attorneys has helped many clients recover millions of dollars in damages resulting from tornadoes across multiple states, as well as hurricanes Katrina, Ivan, Gustav, Sandy, Maria, Harvey, and Michael. We’ve seen firsthand the devastation these events can cause, and we’re dedicated to fighting for the settlement you deserve.

Filing an insurance claim after being a victim of storm damage.

What Is a Storm Damage Claim Worth?

The value of a storm damage claim can vary widely depending on the extent and severity of the damage to the property. The goal of an insurance claim is to receive compensation for the losses incurred due to the storm. This compensation can cover a range of costs, including repairs to the property, replacement of damaged personal belongings, and even temporary housing and living expenses if the property is uninhabitable.

The final value of the claim will depend on the extent of the damage, the policy limits, and the deductibles involved. In order to get the most out of your claim, you should carefully review your insurance policy with one of our knowledgeable storm damage attorneys to understand the limits of your coverage and any exclusions or restrictions that may apply. In cases where the insurance company disputes the value of the claim, it can become necessary to seek the assistance of an attorney to be sure you get every bit of the damages you deserve.

Our experienced storm damage insurance claims attorneys can show you how much in damages you can recover.

We Have Collected Over$950 Million for Policyholders

We’ve collected more than $950 million in settlements for commercial and residential policyholders. Insurance companies often hold back as much as they think they can get away with, but our team will work hard to make sure they pay out what you are due. With our knowledge of the law, our knowledge of the insurance industry, and our trusted reputation, you won’t find stronger defenders for your rights.

We Get Great Results For Our Clients

Results vary and depend on the facts of each case.


Hurricane disaster and storm surge litigation recovery.


Hurricane rain and wind pre-litigation settlements


Hurricane rain and wind claim litigation recovery.


Pre-suit settlement for hurricane damage to a marina. The prior settlement offer was $1,200,000.


Additional recovery for a hurricane-damaged hospital.


Recovery for hurricane damage to a shopping center. The prior settlement offer was $445,000.


Pre-suit settlement for damage to multi-owner residential property.


Business interruption pre-suit settlement for Hurricane losses. Prior offer was $350,000.

You Can’t Count on Insurance Adjusters

While the insurance adjuster’s role is to assess the damage and determine the value of your claim, it’s important to keep in mind that their interests may not always align with yours. Insurance companies are businesses and are motivated to pay out as little as possible on claims to protect their bottom line. This means that the adjuster may not always accurately value your claim or account for all of the damages you’ve incurred.

It’s important to have an advocate on your side who will fight for your best interests and ensure that your claim is accurately valued. Our team of Disaster Insurance Claims attorneys has extensive experience dealing with insurance companies and negotiating with adjusters to ensure that our clients receive the full value of their claims.

Don’t leave the outcome of your storm damage claim to chance. Contact us today for a free policy review and let us help you get the most out of your claim. Our attorneys will review your policy and work with you to understand the extent of the damages you’ve suffered. We’ll then use this information to negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to ensure that you receive the compensation you’re owed. With our help, you can focus on getting your life back on track while we handle the details of your claim.

Storm damage insurance claim adjusters cannot be trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every policy is different, but most homeowners insurance policies do cover wind damage from hurricanes and tornadoes. The primary factor affecting this trend is location. For example, homes near the coast that are more susceptible to hurricanes may require extra coverage.

There are two primary types of wind coverage to be aware of. Dwelling coverage specifically covers damage inflicted on your property’s structure, such as the roof, siding, and windows. Personal property coverage is a bit different, as it covers any contents within your home that were damaged from a tornado or hurricane. This often comes with limits, so there’s a certain dollar amount that your insurer won’t exceed in compensation.

The most common way an insurance company will fight against your claim is by alleging that the damage you’re claiming wasn’t caused by wind. Instead, they’ll lay the blame on defective materials, lack of maintenance, improper repairs, or any other cause they don’t have to cover. You’ll need a proper damage assessment to fight this effectively.

An anti-concurrent causation clause is a part of many insurance policies that states that the insurer doesn’t have to cover damages if a homeowner suffers two perils at once. Imagine that your home is damaged due to the effects of a hurricane. At the same time, there was significant water damage done to the property from a small flood. If you solely have insurance for wind damage and not for water damage, the insurer does not have to cover the damages at all. Keep an eye out for any anti-concurrent causation clauses in your policy.

As your wind damage insurance claims attorneys at Long & Long Attorneys at Law, we work on a contingency fee-basis. This means you won’t owe us a dime unless we win your case for you! There are no hidden fees, no surprises, and no strings attached.

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We Are 5 Star Rated

My home was damaged in Hurricane Laura and like pretty much everyone in our area, the repairs were underestimated by my insurance company. Realizing I was out of my depth I contacted Long and Long for assistance in keeping the insurance company honest in holding up their end of our agreement, returning my home to its pre-damage condition. My attorney, Cate Biggs, and her whole team worked tirelessly on my behalf through this process and made sure I was "done right" by my insurance company. I hope I never need to work with Long and Long again, but should I ever find myself on the wrong [end] of an insurance companies' malfeasance, I will not hesitate to give them a call.

Chris T.

We want to thank the team at Long & Long for helping us through our Hurricane claim. From the initial phone call we had with Long & Long, to our updates from our attorney, and everyone on the team in between; we were treated like royalty. We wish we had called sooner. We would recommend them to any of our friends and family. Thank you Long & Long!

Mike Dupre

I am a Hurricane Laura and Delta victim from Lake Charles, LA. After receiving NOTHING from my homeowners insurance company I was forced to get a lawyer. My health wouldn’t allow me to fight them myself. My attorney Cate Biggs was such a blessing. To have such good representation and having never met her was a relief. Her team was just as good as she was. I have never had a lawyer for anything like this and although I hope I never need another for this reason but if I do Long and Long will be representing me again. God bless them all.

D’Awndra Kirkwood

Our home was extremely damaged and flooded after Hurricane Sally. I was at a complete loss of how to navigate through the process of making spreadsheets or how to handle our flood and wind claims. Cate and her team did a wonderful job helping me. They handled everything and I was very pleased with the settlements they got for us. I would definitely recommend them!

Beverly Ford

Long & Long completely exceeded my expectations. I didn’t know that anyone needed a lawyer when you have an insurance claim, but you do. Long & Long explained everything that was owed to me under my fire insurance contract and made sure the insurance company paid it. Long & Long knocked it out of the park on my settlement.

Russel Vaughn

Bennett Long represented my company and me in a complex property damage and lost income claim. His knowledge and capabilities far exceeded all my expectations. The entire staff at Long and Long are professional and friendly. After handing over to them one of the most difficult business challenges I've faced, not once did I question their abilities or dedication to work towards what was best for me, the client. I am extremely happy with the outcome and shudder to think where I might be without their expertise and ability. Working with Long and Long is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

Moreland Machinery

If Your Home or Business Has Suffered Damage:

Following these steps will help ensure you get the most out of your claim.



Photograph the property, taking care to showcase all wind damage.



Don't submit any contractor bids until after work has begun.



If your policy is subject to under-insurance penalties, you may get drastically less than what you need.



Call your Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long Attorneys at Law as soon as possible to ensure you’re approaching this complex situation in exactly the way needed to get the settlement you deserve.

Common Wind Damage Denied By Claims Insurance Companies

Hurricanes and tornadoes can do serious damage to your roof, but insurance companies are often hesitant to cover the cost of replacement. Instead, they’ll only opt to cover the costs of repair, especially if their assessment puts the roof’s damage under 25%.

General wind damage is often dismissed as damage caused by general wear and tear by insurers. This is because insurers don’t have to cover wear and tear damage. A similar strategy is used when insurers claim that damage is caused by faulty installation or design errors rather than wind.

Hurricanes and tornadoes are accompanied by storms in most cases, and the rain from those storms can cause damage in their own way. While water damage in general is typically also covered by homeowners insurance, flood damage is a different category. If you don’t have flood insurance, your insurer may claim that the damage was caused by flooding rather than wind.

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