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house on fire that will result in a fire damage claim

Fire Damage Insurance Claim

Need help getting your settlement from the insurance company after a fire? We’re here to help!

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With help from Long & Long Attorneys at Law, you’ll have the skills of an experienced fire damage insurance claims attorney on your side. Fire is notoriously destructive, and insurance companies will often withhold the funds you need to recover your losses. Let us focus on battling the insurance company, while you focus on rebuilding what was lost.

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We understand just how damaging a fire can be to your home or property. That’s why our team is dedicated to helping you get the settlement you deserve from your insurer.

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When a fire damages your home or property, you need real results that will help you move forward. Our team is here to help you get the most out of your fire damage insurance claim.

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You can find out how much your case is worth — risk-free — when you contact us. With our free policy review, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

We Know Fire Damage Is Devastating

Whether a fire ravages your home or your business, fire damage can be particularly hard to deal with. This destructive force can leave property unrecognizable and even compromise the integrity of other parts of your home that weren’t directly touched by the fire. Whether you’re in Houston, TX, or Mobile, AL, our team understands the hardship you’re facing and will work with you to get you the settlement you deserve so you can focus on rebuilding what you’ve lost.

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We Have Collected Over$950 Million for Policyholders

We’ve helped our clients secure millions in settlements from insurance companies that wanted to withhold what was rightfully due. With our in-depth knowledge of the insurance industry, we’re prepared to help you with your fire damage insurance claim.

The Insurance Company Isn’t on Your Side

Insurance adjusters simply don’t cut it if you want the best results from your claim. They are trained to give you less than what you deserve in an effort to save their company money. Our team will work to create a comprehensive damage assessment for your home and its contents, and demand fair compensation for your losses. If they push back, we’ll make them pay the price in court.

If your home or business has been damaged:

Take these steps to make sure your claim is handled in the best manner possible.



Take photographs of the property that showcase all aspects that were damaged in the fire.



Contractor bids are not reliable before work has started.



You could be penalized and receive drastically less than what you need.



Public Adjusters often hand off claims to attorneys resulting in duplicate fees.

Common Fire Damage Claims Denied by Insurance Companies

A thorough investigation will be required in order to determine whether or not there’s enough structural damage for the insurer to pay compensation for it. Essentially, any damage that compromises the core components or foundation of the property is structural damage, and enough of it may render the property as a total loss even if it’s technically still standing.

When it comes to fire damage itself, it’s typically only denied due to an error with the paperwork or allegations of arson.

Smoke damage is one of the trickiest aspects of fire damage in general. Smoke will affect porous materials, including many of the fabrics in your home, but insurance companies will often only cover the cost of cleaning — even if the item should be replaced entirely.

As a result of the efforts to extinguish the fire, your property will suffer water damage, especially if the fire department uses their powerful hoses to douse the flames. Unfortunately, that water can cause damage separate from the fire. While that damage won’t be covered under a fire damage policy specifically, water damage from fire prevention efforts are covered by most homeowner’s insurance policies.

Total replacement damage is any damage that your insurer will pay to replace, while patched-up repairs are damages that your insurer will pay to fix or clean. Your claim may be denied because your insurer wrongly classified something that should be replaced as something that should be repaired instead.

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Insurance adjusters simply don’t cut it if you want the best results from your claim. Our team will work hard to make sure you get every penny you are entitled to. Call us today for a free policy review and an ally to walk with you side-by-side on the road to recovering your losses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Insurance companies do not exist to help you. Often, they will strive to find a way to blame you for any fire that occurred in your home. Special investigators may even be put on the case to try to justify that blame as much as they can. A fire damage insurance claims attorney can help collect evidence and support claims on your behalf. With the resources available through your Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long, we’ll be able to conduct our own assessment to determine the cause of the fire and the total value of the damages you’re owed.

Every policy is different, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your unique policy. For example, some will only cover damage inflicted directly by the fire, while others extend to smoke and water damage as well. Working with an experienced smoke damage lawyer is particularly useful if your insurance has wider coverage.

Your fire insurance claim can be denied for a variety of reasons, but don’t lose hope. Insurance companies work for profit, and they make that profit by denying as much of your payout as they can get away with. They’ll use several justifications and tactics, including the following:

  • Accusations of arson.
  • Taking too long to investigate.
  • Threats of prosecution.
  • Undervaluing property.
  • Violation of the insurance policy’s terms.

It’s not all that uncommon for insurers to accuse you of setting the fire yourself. However, the burden of proof is on them to prove their allegations, and a fire damage insurance claims attorney can help you make your case and fight for what you deserve.

In most cases, a fire damage claim will be settled within 90-120 days after the fire. It’s important to recognize, however, that simple filing mistakes and other errors throughout the claim process can significantly delay this time frame. Having an experienced fire damage attorney by your side, guiding you through your claims process, can prevent delays like this.

When you work with Long & Long, you’ll be able to focus on recovery without worrying about large, hidden fees. We offer free policy reviews, and if we don’t win your case for you, you won’t owe us a dime.

The first thing you should do after a fire is to make sure you and your family are okay. Get checked out by a doctor, even if you don’t feel hurt. Smoke inhalation can cause serious harm so you want to be sure that you get taken care of, and make sure to keep a record of any injuries you sustained. Next, take stock of any losses and damage. Gather any documents and records you may have that relate to your lost or damaged property. Take as many photographs of the scene as you can. The more photos you have, the easier it is to prove your case.

Your first instinct is likely going to be to start the process of cleaning up and getting your life back on track. Fires can be devastating and all you want to do is move forward. You’re much better off, however, if you get the insurance company to provide written approval before you start removing anything from the site. Specifically, you need to make sure that your insurer confirms that it has fully inspected the site. If you clean before you get this confirmation, the odds of a dispute can increase.

When the time comes to prove the value of your losses, you need to protect your rights and avoid mistakes. It’s important to get ahead of some of the most common problems to ensure that you have the best chance at a settlement. First of all, be aware of your insurance policy and know what’s covered. You and your attorney should stay on top of the insurance company to be sure that any disputes are settled, that there are no delays, and that the insurance company keeps you informed.

This is a trap many people who experience fire damage fall into. Never let the insurance company take control of what needs to be restored. You have a right to choose which items you want to restore and replace. Restoration bills can be extremely high, and they may not be covered by insurance. It’s best to get your settlement before you begin the process of replacement or restoration. If you’re not sure whether to start the process, contact your fire damage insurance claims attorney at Disaster Insurance Claims, and let us advise you on the situation.

This can depend on the situation. In general, however, the insurance company has the right to demand compliance, and they may ask you to submit information that doesn’t seem relevant to the claim at hand. This can only happen to a reasonable degree, however. Any time you feel like the insurance company is trying to make the process more difficult for you instead of working to resolve it, it’s time to put the Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long, Attorneys at Law on the case, and let us deal with the insurance adjuster.