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Hurricane Resource Guide

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Hurricanes are devastating. They turn your entire life upside down. You’ve lost memories, property, and potentially even loved ones. It can get even worse when you try to file an insurance claim and you run into roadblocks due to loopholes or clauses you weren’t even aware existed. There is help available, and with the right resources, you can recover. You can receive the benefits you need to get control of your life once more and move forward. The Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long Attorneys at Law is here to offer you these resources.

Three Tips You Need To Know Before a Hurricane Hits Your Town

Not every insurance plan will cover hurricane damage. Some will appear to on the surface, but they might have hidden clauses that make it difficult for you to receive compensation. There are three things you should do before you get hit by a hurricane.

  1. Check your coverage: Look over your insurance policy to make sure you have hurricane coverage. Hurricane damage isn’t always covered by general insurance company policies and usually requires a specific plan. It is also a good idea to review your policy for hidden loopholes written to undermine your claims.
  2. Check your policy for time limits and requirements: Many insurance policies require you to file a claim within a specific time frame after an incident. Be sure you know all of the requirements to file your claim and make sure you stick to those requirements. Follow them to the letter.
  3. Take ‘before’ photos: If you feel confident a hurricane is coming your way, take before photos of the interior and exterior of your home or business. This will make the damage that was done in the hurricane easier to prove.
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Three Tips That Can Help You After a Hurricane

It’s also important to have a plan of action after the storm. Taking the right steps within a day or two of the storm can make the difference between getting the money you need and having to pay for your repairs out of pocket. Here are three tips to help you after the hurricane.

  1. Photograph the scene: Any evidence you can gather of the damage right after the fact is important to get the coverage you need. Photograph the storm damage in as much detail as you can to document what happened.
  2. Don’t clean up: You will probably want to clean up quickly to try to get back to normal. This can be a mistake. If things aren’t left the way they were found when the insurance adjuster comes to inspect and assess damages, they can claim that those damages weren’t caused by the hurricane, and you could lose your right to compensation. You can make essential repairs for safety if necessary, but keep this to a minimum and keep your receipts.
  3. Contact your insurance company: It’s important that you contact your insurance company right away. The sooner you contact them, the better the process will go. In fact, many policies require that you contact the insurance company within a certain time frame in order to file a claim.

How to Build the Strongest Claim Possible for the Hurricane Relief Money You Need

Insurance claim denials can often be avoided by making sure you don’t commit common and easy mistakes. Insurance adjusters are trained to deny benefits to policyholders in order to protect the company’s assets. Follow these three tips to help ensure you have the strongest claim possible.

  1. Document everything: The more evidence you have, the better off you will be. Take pictures, get video, and above all, keep copies of any and every receipt or document you have related to the damage.
  2. Never sign anything without a lawyer: Signing the wrong document can cost you a great deal in terms of your rights to benefits. Always talk to your attorney before signing on the dotted line.
  3. Have a lawyer look over your policy: Before you even contact the insurance company, have your lawyer look over your policy. This can prepare you for loopholes you may have to navigate later.
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The Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long Is Here to Help

If you’re facing the need to file a hurricane claim, the Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long Attorneys at Law can help. Get in touch with us today either online or by giving us a call, and we’ll sit down with you for a free case review. We can help you build the strongest claim possible for the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.