debris set out in front of homes after the Hurricane Delta clean-up

Hurricane Delta was a massive storm that hit the southern United States, causing floods, high winds, tornados, and other disasters along the Gulf of Mexico. Many residents were left with extensive damage from the storm and its associated effects.

Natural disasters are among the most costly and stressful types of claims. Insurance companies are often overwhelmed with claims from other people suffering similar losses. If you want to receive the maximum amount for your Hurricane Delta insurance claim, it’s important to take the right steps immediately following the damage and in the coming weeks and months. Continue reading to find out what you need to do in order to maximize the chances of receiving the settlement you truly deserve.

What Is Covered in Your Policy?

boats in a harbor destroyed after Hurricane DeltaYour claim is based on the policy you chose when you got your insurance. Claim settlements are typically based on:

  • Actual Cash Value (ACV): This is the depreciated value of items or materials lost. Generally, choosing this type of policy means you’ll receive only partial value, not replacement value, of your losses.
  • Replacement Cost: This is the cost to replace your items that are not obsolete or otherwise impossible to replace. In some insurance policies, this means you must replace the item before getting your settlement, so you must provide proof of the replacement. If you choose not to replace the item, you’ll receive ACV.
  • Replacement Cost With Cash-Out Option: This is a specialized option that’s typically only available for high-value homes and properties. This option allows you to receive full replacement cash value without the need to replace the item.

If you are unsure of what Hurricane Delta losses are covered by your insurance policy, our experienced disaster insurance claims attorneys are here to help. We can review your policy and help you file a claim that will give you your best chance at receiving the maximum amount you possibly can.

Insurance Deductibles

a hurricane damaged roof behind a sign warning of storm damageIn some cases, insurance companies waive deductibles in disaster losses if the loss exceeds a certain amount of damage. If your policy requires a deductible, you may have to pay it before you can work on repairs in your home.

It’s important to speak with your insurance agent to see how your deductible may apply to your claim and find out if there’s a waiver of the deductible clause in your policy. Some policies also have one deductible for combined policies, such as your home and your car. If both were damaged during a hurricane, you might save money.

An Experienced Disaster Insurance Attorney Can Help You Seek Maximum Compensation

Insurance companies have a team of lawyers to help them settle claims for as little as possible. If you experienced significant damage as a result of a natural disaster, it’s best to have your own disaster lawyer to help you fight for what you deserve.

An experienced disaster attorney can help handle your insurance claim, organize your inventory, and navigate the nuances of insurance like policy limitations, deductibles, and contractor approvals. If you’ve been affected by Hurricane Delta or another disaster, contact the Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long Attorneys At Law to get your free policy review today!