A powerline lies fallen over on the side of a road after a severe storm blew through the area.

The Southeastern United States was hit hard by a series of storms in the last days of November 2022, with Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Georgia taking the brunt of the damage. 

When you’ve been a part of a natural disaster like this, it’s vital that you take action to protect yourself and your property. That’s why Disaster Insurance Claims is providing important information about the damage caused by these storms, as well as steps you can take to help get the most out of your insurance claim

Assessing the Damage

A government-issued van sits parked on the street while workers assess the damage from a recent storm.

These deadly storms brought heavy rainfall and flash floods, leaving tens of thousands of residents without power, and parts of Mississippi saw hail as large as 2 inches in size. These destructive forces caused significant damage to homes, businesses, and infrastructure across the region.

The combination of these factors has made the recovery process difficult and challenging for people in the region, with many of our neighbors still struggling to pick up the pieces of their lives after these storms.

Central Alabama was one of the areas hardest hit, with ten tornadoes recorded in that area alone. The devastation of these tornadoes in Alabama, unfortunately, resulted in two fatalities as a family home was struck by a fallen tree.

Were You Affected?

For those affected by the storms or other storms like these, you can take steps now to help you with the insurance claims process:

  • Document the damage: Take photos and videos of the damage to your property, including any broken windows, roof damage, or flooding. This will help support your insurance claim.
  • Keep a record of all expenses: Keep receipts and records of any money you spend as a result of the storm, including emergency repairs, temporary housing, and food.
  • Contact your insurance company: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage and start the claims process. Be sure to have your policy number and any other relevant information on hand. Over the course of this process, stay in contact with your insurance company, and be very detailed with any information given to them.
  • Seek professional help: Navigating the insurance claims process can be difficult and time-consuming. If you need assistance, consider working with the legal team at Disaster Insurance Claims. We have the knowledge and experience to help you achieve the best possible outcome with your claim

Don’t Face the Insurance Company Alone

An attorney helps a client to prepare to face an insurance company. If you or someone you know has been affected by the November 2022 storms in the Southeastern U.S., it’s important to take action as soon as possible to protect yourself and your property. Our goal is to help our neighbors in the southeast get through the complex claims process and receive the compensation they need. 

Don’t let severe weather in the Southeastern United States leave you feeling helpless and alone. Schedule your free consultation with Disaster Insurance Claims over the phone or online, and let’s begin moving past this tragedy together.