damage on the Gulf Coast caused by Hurricane Sally

On the heels of Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Sally has landed on the Gulf Coast, flooding and tearing down homes and businesses in its wake. The damage caused by the 105-mph winds and unrelenting rain has left many without any option but to abandon their homes and businesses to recover later. But the destruction of a hurricane can be unforgiving, and many will return to their buildings to find the structure and their belongings unsalvageable.

The simplest solution to this devastating turn of events would be to file a claim with your insurance provider, recover your losses, and rebuild. However the insurance companies are making it their job to stop you from getting what you need. If you were affected by Hurricane Sally in Alabama, Florida, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, or anywhere on the Gulf Coast, our Hurricane Sally claims lawyers are here to help you seek what you need to rebuild and recover everything that was lost to you. This is our home, our community, and we’re here to protect it. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know in order to maximize your Hurricane Sally insurance claim.

4 Steps to Recovering After Hurricane Sally

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company.

    woman calling her insurance provider after Hurricane SallyIt’s important to start the claims process as soon as possible. Calling your insurance adjuster immediately will show that your damages were severe enough to warrant immediate action. This will make your case stronger and more likely to be accepted.

  2. Take Photos Before You Clean.

    Cleaning up before properly documenting your damage can seriously jeopardize your claim. The insurance company needs ample evidence that your building and belongings were damaged by Hurricane Sally. Take photos and videos from all angles, documenting every inch of damage possible.

  3. Know Your Rights. Review Your Policy.

    Your insurance adjuster may try to deny you benefits you’re entitled to based on your policy. It’s important to know exactly what is covered by your insurance so you can seek the full amount you’re due. A Hurricane Sally claims lawyer can review your policy for you so you know exactly what you’re entitled to.

  4. Contact a Hurricane Sally Claims Lawyer

    A Hurricane Sally claims lawyer will be able to review your policy and help you collect evidence to make sure your claim is as strong as possible when it comes time to negotiate your settlement with the insurance company. Our property insurance attorneys have extensive experience in helping people affected by hurricanes get the money they need to rebuild. We can help you, too.

Hurricane Sally Insurance Claims FAQs

Is flooding covered in my hurricane insurance policy?

Insurance companies often try to deny benefits after a hurricane, claiming flooding isn’t covered in the policy in question. If this happens, call a property insurance attorney immediately. They will be able to review your policy and fight back against the insurance company for the compensation you’re entitled to.

What Is the Most Common Insurance Mistake Made After a Hurricane?

homes devastated by Hurricane Sally

Insurance adjusters are getting bombarded with incoming claims. If your claim is missing evidence or proper documentation, they won’t think twice before stamping your claim with a big “DENIED” sign and moving on to the next. It’s important to make sure your claim has everything it needs before it is turned over to the insurance adjuster.

What if I Get Lowballed or Denied?

The people reviewing your claim are looking for a reason to deny you your benefits. If you are offered less than you know you deserve, or if your claim was outright denied, don’t give up! Let a property insurance attorney look over your claim and denial. They will be able to tell you if your offer or denial was just or if you have a case for an appeal.

Our Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long can do this for you at no cost to you, and we can help you compile a strong appeal so you have a better chance at receiving the money you need to rebuild and recover.

How Long Do I Have to File a Claim?

The time to file a claim is now, as quickly as possible after the damage occurs. Call your insurance company and begin to document your losses immediately. Take photos and videos before your adjuster arrives. Call our experienced hurricane insurance lawyers for a free policy review to understand more about your rights and your coverages.

Our Disaster Insurance Claims Team Is Here for You

Dealing with the aftermath of a hurricane can be a storm in itself. If your home or business was damaged by Hurricane Sally, you’re not alone. There are resources and people available to help you recover from this devastating event. We are Gulf Shores attorneys living and working in this area. This is our community, and we are heartbroken to see it suffering. Call our experienced attorneys today for a free policy review. We’ve helped thousands of people recover after hurricanes, and we are on a mission to help our Gulf Coast community in its hour of need.