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Our attorneys and team of crisis experts will handle your claim and the insurance company for you. We will get you what you need to quickly rebuild your home, business, and life.

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Hurricane Laura has ripped through Louisiana leaving billions of dollars worth of damage in its wake. If you’re one of the hundreds of thousands of people whose home or business was damaged by this devastating hurricane, you’re not alone. Our team of experienced hurricane insurance lawyers and crisis experts is here to help you move forward.

Whether you’re just getting started with your claim, or you’ve already begun talking to your insurance adjuster, we will fight on your behalf for the money you need for your home, business, and life. We are the Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long, and we’re ready to go to work for you.

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Once you call us, we’ll take care of everything from damage assessments to negotiations on your behalf, so you can focus on your health and family.

You Deserve Every Penny

You need real results to rebuild what you lost after Hurricane Laura. Our attorneys will fight for every penny you are owed.

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Our experienced attorneys will review your policy at no cost to you, and our efforts won’t cost you a dime unless you receive a settlement.

Supporting Hurricane Laura Survivors

As devastating winds and tides laid waste to the colorful communities of Louisiana, our team couldn’t help but be reminded of Hurricane Ivan and the damage it brought to one of our own in 2005. We’ve seen firsthand the unforgiving nature of a hurricane, and we understand what you’re going through. Losing your home or business is a great travesty not many can relate to.

Our family has been through this. We understand what you’re going through. Our founder, Attorney Bennett Long, helped his family rebuild after Hurricane Ivan. Founding Disaster Insurance Claims became part of his legal legacy. Together, our team has successfully resolved over 10,000 claims from Hurricanes Katrina, Ivan, Gustav, Ike, Sandy, Harvey, and Michael. You can trust us when we say you’re in good hands. We will go through this together and be your experienced guide as we fight for the money you need to recover what was lost. Don’t wait another minute. We’re ready to help you now.

Damage left behind by Hurricane Laura

We’ve Collected Over $950 Million for Policy Holders

Our team has helped clients just like you secure millions of dollars in settlements from insurance adjusters that tried to deny what was legally theirs. We understand how insurance companies operate, and more importantly, we know how to get them to pay the fair amount.

Insurance Companies Don’t Want to Pay for Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura devastated the lives of hundreds of thousands of people in Louisiana, but the insurance companies are skipping out on the bill. After a hurricane, oftentimes insurance adjusters will deny claims, not because they are without merit, but because the insurance company is a for-profit business. Withholding benefits is how they make their money, and a natural disaster, like Hurricane Laura, is not enough to change their ways.

Your insurance adjuster may seem eager to help, but when it’s time to negotiate your settlement, their friendly demeanor can turn steely. They may even resort to bullying to get you to agree to less than you deserve. When that happens, all you have to do is tell them to speak to your attorney. We’ll take it from there and make sure they know exactly what you’re entitled to.

Hurricane Laura FAQ

Unfortunately, many people will be forced to ask this question in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. The truth is, insurance companies profit by withholding payments claim holders are entitled to. If your insurance adjuster has offered you less than you know you deserve, let them know you mean business, and call the Disaster Insurance Claim team at Long & Long. We will speak to the insurance adjuster on your behalf, demanding the full amount you are due.

Insurance policies are incredibly complicated contracts. It’s important to understand yours in order to get the settlement you deserve for your losses. Insurance policies have complex language that make it difficult to seek compensation for the full cost of repairs, as well as exclusions they can use to deny your claim. Our experienced hurricane insurance lawyers can help you understand your policy and get you what you are entitled to.

There are many reasons why an insurance company might deny a Hurricane Laura claim. The most common one we see is lack of coverage on a property. If your claim is denied due to lack of coverage in your policy, don’t lose hope. Our experienced hurricane insurance lawyers can examine your policy and fight for an appeal if the insurance adjuster made a mistake.

Unfortunately, there is no general timeline for challenging a denied claim. Depending on the circumstances, some can take weeks to settle, and some can take months. However, we understand you need money to begin rebuilding as soon as possible. That’s why we are dedicated to working swiftly and efficiently for each and every one of our clients.

Our highly qualified, experienced hurricane insurance lawyers work on a contingency-fee basis. We will review your policy at no cost to you, and you won’t owe us anything unless you receive a settlement.

Steps You Can Take After Hurricane Laura

Dealing with the insurance company can become the storm after the storm. If your property was damaged by Hurricane Laura, follow these steps to protect yourself:

  1. Contact your insurance company to make a claim immediately. Do not delay for any reason!
  2. Document before you clean! Resist your urge to clean up the damage before getting permission from the insurance company AND taking your own photographs of what you see. Photograph or record the exterior from the front, sides, and back of your structure, from different angles and including as much detail as possible.
  3. Photograph and video your contents items before moving them.
  4. Don’t back down! Despite what they may say, the insurance company wants to minimize your claim payment wherever possible. Don’t let them call the shots. Document your losses, and hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights to payment.

Remember, non-attorney insurance consultants do not have the tools or the leverage to demand results. We manage every aspect of your insurance claim and level the playing field against the insurance company.

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Common Reasons the Insurance Company May Deny Your Hurricane Laura Claim

If the losses you sustained fall under an implied or expressed exclusion in your policy, the insurance company may deny your claim. One tactic we see insurance adjusters use often is claiming your damage is due to water, and your policy doesn’t include flood insurance.

Your insurance adjuster may claim you exaggerated the value of your losses and the cost of the repairs you will need.

The insurance adjuster may claim that the damage to your property mainly includes cleanup. They may claim this type of damage isn’t covered by your policy.

Most frustrating of all, the insurance adjuster may deny your claim with no explanation at all. When this happens, don’t hesitate to call us. We can force the company to provide you with a reason for denying your claim.

Don’t Trust the Insurance Adjuster

The insurance adjuster is not your friend. They will try every trick in the book before they agree to give you the maximum settlement you deserve. Don’t let them take advantage of you while you struggle with your losses caused by Hurricane Laura. Let our Disaster Claims Insurance Team at Long & Long help you seek the compensation you deserve today.