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Were You Affected by Hurricane Ida?

After facing loss and damages caused by an expected disaster the size of Hurricane Ida, you deserve support. Our team of experienced hurricane insurance claims attorneys is here to help.

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Hurricane Ida became the news-breaking storm of 2021 when it gained attention for growing larger and more destructive at a rapid, unexpected rate. With little warning time to prepare and evacuate, Hurricane Ida has left thousands of people in our Gulf Coast community with devastating business and home property damage.

No matter where you are in your claims process — from starting an insurance claim, to negotiating with your insurance adjuster, to appealing an insurance claim denial — our team of Hurricane Ida insurance claims lawyers is here to step in to protect your rights and seek the compensation you deserve to cover your hurricane-related damages.

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Our Hurricane Ida damage team is responsive and proactive because we understand the losses you are facing. We will work to get to work so you can focus on healing.

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The damage from Hurricane Ida can be devastating. You need real results, and you need them fast so you are not left at a financial loss. We will fight for your best interest.

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Our goal has always been to help those in need after a disaster like Hurricane Ida. That’s why our team will review your case with absolutely no cost or commitment.

We’re Here For You, Gulf Coast

When we heard the news that Hurricane Ida was hitting land at a faster, more aggressive rate than initially predicted, we all wondered how we would protect ourselves and our neighbors. If you’re feeling helpless after facing damage to your property after Hurricane Ida hit, you’re not alone. Healing with your loved ones after a traumatic hurricane is difficult enough, you shouldn’t also be worrying about the financial unknowns of your property damage.

We’ve been in your shoes. Attorney Bennett Long founded Disaster Insurance Claims after helping his family rebuild after their devastating loss during Hurricane Ivan in 2005, and it is now part of his legal legacy. Since then, our passionate team has successfully resolved over 10,000 claims for our Gulf Coast community from Hurricanes Katrina, Ivan, Gustav, Ike, Sandy, Harvey, Michael, and Laura. We understand how it feels like there is nowhere to turn when you are facing such a large loss. Let us lend out a hand as we guide you and your family through this difficult time. Let us be the loyal advocates that give you the options and support you need. We want to hear your story.

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We’ve Collected $950 Million for When You Needed It

Our team has helped clients just like you across the Gulf Coast secure millions of dollars in settlements. We’ve guided home and business policyholders to recover what they need. Let us help you next!

You Can’t Count on Insurance Adjusters

Your insurance is supposed to protect you, but when it comes down to it, they’re a money-making business and are going to protect their best interests over yours. It is an insurance adjuster’s job to minimize the bill they owe you, which could come at the cost of you missing out on the payment you deserve and need to recover.

Our experienced and understanding team has nearly two decades of experience handling hurricane insurance claims and negotiating with insurance adjusters to successfully provide our clients with what they need. It is the adjuster’s job to protect themselves, but it is our job to protect you and ensure you are seeking the maximum settlement you and your loved ones deserve for the damage caused by Hurricane Ida.

A fallen tree laying on top of a truck after Hurricane Ida.

Steps To Take After Hurricane Ida

After facing the damage and trauma of a serious hurricane, planning ahead to navigate the insurance claims process is one of the last things on your mind. As experienced hurricane damage lawyers, our team has seen countless claims and we know what may impact your case. Here are some easy steps you can take to protect your rights to the settlement you deserve:

1. Contact Your Insurance Company Immediately

As long as it is safe to do so, contact your insurance company to file a claim as soon as you realize your property has been damaged. Delaying to file your claim could pose a reason for them to initially deny your claim and question your statements.

2. Document All of the Damage

When you see your home and business in a wreck, it’s understandable that your impulse might be to start cleaning up right away. Before you rearrange a single thing, though, it is best to get photos (or even better, videos) of the damage the way you found it. This includes any outer structural damage and any devices, appliances, or other damaged items indoors. Take photos or videos at every angle possible. The more evidence you have, the more smoothly your claims process will be.

3. Don’t Give Up Without a Fight

When the insurance company calls, don’t get overwhelmed trying to organize your evidence, communicate with the insurance adjuster, and take care of your family all at the same time. We are here to step in and take on the legal burden for you. We will collect and organize all of the necessary evidence to build your strongest possible claim. Or, if your claim has already been denied, don’t give up! You deserve a team who will fight for you, and we are ready to give you that support.

Hurricane Ida FAQs

Your coverage for your Hurricane Ida damage claim is partially dependent upon your insurance policy. Insurance policy contracts are complicated, and most people don’t know what the fine print of their contract says about their coverage. Our Disaster Insurance Claim lawyers are here to peel back the layers so you understand your coverage and we can seek the maximum settlement you can recover for your damages.

Insurance companies could deny your Hurricane Ida insurance claim for many reasons, most of which can be fought through the appeals process. Lack of coverage on your policy, the need for more evidence, suspicion of false statements, or not filing in time are a few common reasons for hurricane damage claim denials. Our Disaster Insurance Claims team can look at your policy, claim, and denial to help you determine your next best steps and communicate with the insurance adjuster on your behalf so you don’t have to bear that stress.

Our team’s goal is to provide help to those in need after an unexpected disaster like Hurricane Ida, which is why our services are affordable and accessible. We work on a contingency fee basis, which means that you won’t owe us anything unless we recover your insurance settlement for you. Starting with our free policy review, you won’t have to worry about whether you can afford to protect your rights.

It is an insurance adjuster’s job to keep your settlement low to save the insurance company money. It is our job to work in your best interest and to protect you from being undersold. If you are offered less than you know you deserve for the damage you have faced from Hurricane Ida, hiring a hurricane damage lawyer will give you your best chance of recovering the highest settlement you deserve.

Your insurance company has a few deadlines it is required to meet:

  • The company must acknowledge any communications within 14 days of receipt.
  • The company has to begin investigating a submitted claim within 10 days of getting the proof of loss.
  • The company must approve or deny your claim within 90 days.

If the insurance company has missed any of these deadlines, it’s important to contact your Hurricane Ida insurance claims lawyer at Disaster Insurance Claims to take over communications.

If the insurance company has met its deadlines, try to be patient. People with the most severe damage usually get priority, so it’s a good idea to get a consultation with a hurricane damage attorney to make sure your claim is on the right track.

It’s always a good idea to get your own estimates from at least a couple of licensed, reputable contractors. While the insurance company may claim that one contractor deliberately bid your claim high and thus deny you, it’s harder for them to question your claim if several contractors found the same estimates.

It can be tough to get bids right after a natural disaster, as contractors are very busy. Still, the more estimates in writing that you can get, the better off you should be. You shouldn’t have a contractor begin work until after your claim is approved, however, as the insurance company will likely want to view the damage.

The only repairs you should make yourself are those that are absolutely necessary to prevent further damage. For example, if your roof suffers minor harm during a tropical storm such as having some shingles torn loose, you may need to replace the shingles before another storm comes along. We recommend being strategic about making repairs because the insurance company can deny a claim if you’ve begun to fix the damage. But, they can also deny a claim if you fail to prevent further damage.

If you have questions about whether it is the right time to make repairs, the best thing to do is contact your Hurricane Ida insurance claims lawyer right away. This will help to protect you when the time comes to prove you had no choice but to conduct some basic repairs to prevent further damage.

It’s unfortunate, but hurricane deductibles may come into play. This is why it’s so important to know your homeowner’s policy backward and forward even before a storm hits. You may have a general deductible of, say, $1,500 on your house, but a $5,000 hurricane deductible. As with any insurance policy, the higher your deductibles, the lower your premiums.

This is another reason it’s a good idea to get multiple estimates of your damages. If the damage is below your hurricane deductible, you may not get anything from the insurance company. Your Hurricane Ida insurance claims lawyer can help you know your policy and ensure you are getting the settlements you deserve.

Technically, there are no laws that say you need a hurricane damage attorney. But, we recommend at least getting a policy review at no cost and no obligation. Even if your insurance company offers you a good settlement that you’re happy with, you never know if you have a right to a higher settlement. It is all about knowing your policy, knowing insurance company tricks, and knowing the law—all of which your lawyer can help you with.

It costs nothing to get a consultation. Having a qualified attorney in your corner often gives you the best chance of getting the claims settlement you need. Contact the Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long Attorneys at Law to get your free policy review today.