damage left behind by Hurricane Sally

In September of 2020, Hurricane Sally devastated much of Florida, Alabama, and other areas on the Gulf Coast. Residents of these areas faced power outages for days, floods, land destruction, and extensive property damage, making Hurricane Sally one of the most costly hurricanes in recent history.

If your home or business was damaged by Hurricane Sally and you had to file an insurance claim for your losses, it’s important to understand the claims process and how to follow up on your Hurricane Sally 2020 insurance claim to ensure you get fair compensation. Read on to learn the best course of action for following up with your insurance adjuster and why you might have been offered less than you deserve.

Why Did I Get a Lowball Offer for My Hurricane Sally Claim?

There are many reasons that you may receive a lowball settlement offer for your disaster claim. Understanding why you were offered less than you deserve can help you determine how to follow up with the insurance company. Some of the reasons you may have been offered a low offer include:

  • a roof being repaired after suffering damage from Hurricane SallyInexperienced adjusters: Disaster claims, such as those for Hurricane Sally, often spread insurance companies thin. When there aren’t enough experienced adjusters to handle all the damage inspections, you could end up with a newly trained adjuster who isn’t experienced in assessing damage properly. This can lead to underpayment and mistakes.
  • The damage turned out to be more severe: In some cases, the damage that’s assessed immediately following a claim doesn’t reveal the whole picture. Over time, the damage could turn out to be more severe than the insurance company thought initially, leading to a lower claim settlement. For example, damage to your roof can result in mold or mildew damage inside your walls that shows up later.
  • Unethical adjusters: Some experienced adjusters are hired to skew the claim in the insurance company’s favor. This is unfortunate, as it’s up to the adjuster to include all the damage in the estimate. They do this not because they are out to shortchange you for the fun of it, but because when they withhold money from you, they make more money for their company.
  • Overwhelmed insurance companies: In disaster situations, it’s possible for an insurance company to become overwhelmed with policyholders filing claims for damages. If this happens, the insurance company may want to get your claim settled quickly to move on to the next one as soon as possible.

Communicating With the Insurance Company

a home being renovated after suffering damage from Hurricane SallySuccessful insurance claims require accurate and well-documented communication with your insurance company. In some cases, your insurance company may attempt to handle your claim over the phone. Still, you must get documentation for the entire claims process. Be sure to document all communications in a notebook to record the claims process and its status. If the insurance company makes promises, send a follow-up email or letter to create a paper trail.

Let Our Disaster Insurance Claims Team Help You Seek the Compensation You Deserve

If you need help filing or following up on your Hurricane Sally 2020 insurance claim, the Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long, Attorneys at Law can help. We’ve helped thousands of policyholders just like you receive millions for their claims. Our experienced disaster insurance claims attorneys can help you navigate your claim, handle disputes, organize your documents, and address claim issues like deductibles and coverage. Contact us today to get your free policy review!