louisiana homes devastated by hurricane laura

Dealing with insurance adjusters can feel like one storm after the another when you need money to move forward. Hurricane Laura ripped through Louisiana, leaving billions of dollars worth of damage and hundreds of thousands of people displaced, injured, or worse in its wake. If your home or business was damaged, you are not alone. There are people and resources available to you to help you recover your losses in this difficult time.

Continue reading to learn how you can maximize your Hurricane Laura insurance claim.

Tips on How to Speak to Your Insurance Adjuster

woman calling her insurance provider after Hurricane LauraThe first step to protecting your right to Hurricane Laura damage relief is contacting your insurance provider immediately. Not only will starting your claim immediately get you one step closer to receiving the money you need to begin moving forward, but it will also further support your claim in the eyes of your insurance adjuster that your damages were bad enough for immediate attention.

Don’t editorialize when you make your initial claim with your insurance adjuster. Stick to the facts of what happened, and remain calm and collected while speaking. You should also take notes on your conversation, so you can reference anything the insurance adjuster said that might not add up later. Don’t agree to making a recorded statement, and definitely do not sign anything without having an attorney look at it first.

What to Do if Your Claim was Denied

If you made your Hurricane Laura claim with your insurance provider and it was denied, don’t give up yet. Insurance claims can be denied for a number of reasons and can often be appealed and won. All it takes is the right information, and the right help. Review your denial for any mistake the insurance company made, re-read your policy, and call a hurricane damage insurance attorney. They will be able to review your policy and your claim and help you form a strong argument in your appeal.

What to Do if the Insurance Company Offers You Less Than You Deserve

home devastated by Hurricane LauraIf you believe you deserve more for your losses than the insurance company is offering, you’re probably right. Your insurance adjuster may act like they want to help you get the money you need to rebuild and replace what was lost, but the truth is, they profit from your denied benefits. They may deny you benefits you clearly deserve, and they probably won’t tell you about benefits you didn’t claim that you’re entitled to. Get ahead of their game and get the most out of your Hurricane Laura claim by contacting a hurricane damage insurance lawyer.

When to Consider Hiring a Lawyer

Hiring a non-attorney consultant won’t give you the tools or leverage you need to demand results. Getting the money you need from the insurance company requires negotiation skills and experience only a hurricane damage insurance lawyer has. Having this ally in your corner will give you a much better chance of receiving maximum compensation for your losses than if you tried to seek recovery on your own.

Our Disaster Insurance Claims Team Can Help

If you want to maximize your Hurricane Lara insurance claim, contact our Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long. We have successfully settled over 10,000 claims, securing over $500 million for our clients after Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Ivan, Sandy, Harvey and Michael. We have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you seek the maximum settlement possible for your Hurricane Laura claim.

When you work with our lawyers, we will handle every detail of your insurance claim and fight back against the insurance company on your behalf for the settlement you deserve. Fill out our easy online form for a free policy review today.