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Dealing with the insurance company can become the storm after the storm. If your property was damaged by Hurricane Laura, you’re likely dealing with an overwhelming feeling of stress, and maybe even helplessness, as you try to figure out how to rebuild after so much was lost. After helping clients through Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Ivan, Sandy, Harvey and Michael, we know how challenging this time can be.

Don’t let the insurance company add to that stress and take away money that is rightfully yours. Our team of dedicated and compassionate hurricane insurance lawyers is here to help you seek the settlement you truly deserve.

To ensure your rights are protected and you get the money you need to rebuild after Hurricane Laura, we’ve put together the five most important steps you need to take. Continue reading to learn more, or reach out to our Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long Attorneys at Law today to get started with a free policy review.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Make your claim with your insurance company immediately. Do not delay for any reason! This will get them working on your claim now rather than later when everyone else is trying to file their claims. Further, this provides proof that your damage was serious enough to make an immediate call and further validates your claim.

Document Before You Clean

Resist your urge to clean up the damage before getting permission from the insurance company AND taking your own photographs of what you see. Photograph or record the exterior from the front, sides, and back of your structure, from different angles and including as much detail as possible. This documentation will be crucial when you present your official claim to the insurance company.

Photograph and Video Your Contents Items Before Moving Them

Contents items are your personal belongings like furniture, TVs, stereos, curtains, and more. Your insurance policy will likely cover these separately from the structural damage your building sustained, so it’s important to document them exactly how you found them.

Don’t Back Down!

Despite what they may say, the insurance company wants to minimize your claim payment wherever possible. Don’t let them call the shots. Document your losses, and hire an experienced attorney to protect your rights to payment.

Call a Hurricane Insurance Lawyer

Non-attorney insurance consultants do not have the tools or the leverage to demand results. When you contact our attorneys, we manage every aspect of your insurance claim and level the playing field against the insurance company.

Our Disaster Insurance Claims Team is Here for You

Hurricane Laura has forced thousands out of their homes and businesses, racking up millions of dollars worth of damages. We want you to know we’re here for you in this difficult time. Our Disaster Insurance Claims attorneys at Long & Long are policyholder advocates. We fight for you. Our team of attorneys has decades of experience taking on insurance claims for victims of natural disasters. We have successfully resolved over 10,000 claims, securing over $500 million for our clients after Hurricanes Katrina, Gustav, Ike, Ivan, Sandy, Harvey and Michael.

We also work on a contingency-fee basis. That means you won’t owe us anything unless you receive payment for your losses. We will even review your insurance policy at no cost to you. Protect your most important asset – your property – and call our Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long today.