roof damage in Louisiana after Hurricane Laura

Since Hurricane Laura tore through southwest Louisiana as a category 4 storm in August 2020, more than 237,000 insurance claims have been filed. Unfortunately, many of those impacted by Hurricane Laura still have not received payment on their claim, and some claims have even been denied.

If your Hurricane Laura damage claim was denied, don’t lose hope! Our Disaster Insurance Claims team at Long & Long Attorneys At Law are here to help you understand why and assist you in appealing the denial of your claim so you can get the settlement you need to rebuild and move forward.

Why Hurricane Laura Claims Are Denied

Let’s face it: Insurance companies aren’t in business to help those who have experienced property damage after a disaster. They’re in the business to make money. In order to satisfy that mission, they will look for any reason possible to deny a claim. Some of the most common reasons why a Hurricane Laura insurance claim would be denied include:

  • insurance adjuster evaluating a Hurricane Laura claimInsufficient coverage. Your policy notes — often in fine print — what it covers. It is a well-known tactic of insurance companies to state that damage to your property was caused by water, and then deny your claim because you do not have flood coverage. They can use similar tactics to deny many claims you thought would be covered.
  • Insufficient evidence to show the value of your losses. If the insurance adjuster believes that you have exaggerated the financial impact of your losses, your claim could be reduced or denied.
  • Incidental damage. The insurance carrier believes that the bulk of the damage to your property can be remedied by cleaning up downed branches and other debris from the hurricane, and that sort of damage isn’t covered by your policy.
  • No reason was given. Insurance companies are required to provide the insured with a reason why a claim is not covered. However, that doesn’t stop some of them from issuing denials without stated reasons, particularly in times when there has been a natural disaster and a high number of claims filed.

How The Disaster Insurance Claims Team at Long & Long Can Help You

a couple receiving a denial letter for their Hurricane Laura claimMany individuals who have filed a Hurricane Laura insurance claim are surprised when the friendly insurance claims adjuster who seemed devoted to helping them recover their losses suddenly turned cold when it came time to talk about actual payment for the damages. It is important to remember that the insurance claims adjuster works for your insurance company, not for you. That’s where our experienced hurricane insurance claims lawyers come in.

We can help you seek what you’re truly owed. We will evaluate your policy, ensuring no damage is left out, and that you have the coverage necessary to make a successful claim. You can trust us to fight tooth and nail for your right to compensation during the appeals process if you have been denied. We understand both the common tactics that insurance companies use to avoid paying out claims as well as the legal process of appealing decisions. Whether it involves negotiating a settlement with your insurance provider or ensuring you have the proper documentation needed to prove your claim, our team works for you, not for your insurance company.

Contact us today for more information about the steps you need to take to appeal your claim denial in a free policy review.